Distinguishing Between The Square Buckle And Oval Buckle

If you want to look the part for any occasion, you do need to pay a lot more attention to some of the finer details that you would not normally notice or appreciate. Because sure as anything, someone out there is bound to notice. It could be someone quite important, and however you may feel about such finicky matters of dressing up, these things matter to such important men and women. This could be your future boss we’re talking about.

Or it could be your future wife. You just never know these days. So best be prepared and do your best to dress for your success. If the occasion calls for it, you’re going to be dressing up smart, or smart and casual. In such cases, you’ll need to pay a little more attention to what you’re putting on. If the occasion calls for a suite, well then, most of the work is already done. But you now need to make sure that your shirt, tie, shoes and even socks, perfectly match the suit, and the occasion.

And let’s not forget the belt. Pay close attention to the belt buckle. Belt buckles for men should never be ignored. If you’re wearing a suit, then make sure that your belt buckle is square or rectangular shaped. And keep the buckle small. If it’s a completely casual affair that you are dressing up for, then by all means, go all out with a larger than life buckle. Big and bold statements may means something to you as a man. You can tone it down a bit with a round buckle. But for formal occasions, the round buckle is definitely a no-no.

Unless of course, you’re that confident at making your own statement.